2.2. Using Eclipse Update Site

JasperAssistant can be downloaded and installed using Eclipse Update. Eclipse can be downloaded from the following address:


Procedure 2.1. Installing JasperAssistant using Eclipse Update

  1. From the Eclipse menu, select Help->Software Updates->Find and Install. This will open the Install/Update wizard.

  2. On the fist page, select the "Search for new features to install" option and click Next.

  3. On the second page, click the "New Remote Site..." button and enter the following information:

    Name: JasperAssistant update site
    URL: http://www.jasperassistant.com/updates/3.x/

    Additionally, for Eclipse 3.1.x, add the following remote update site that is required to install GEF plug-in:

    Name: Eclipse 3.0 update site
    URL: http://update.eclipse.org/updates/3.0/

  4. Select the desired version of JasperAssistant and GEF SDK as shown below:

  5. On the next page, select the JasperAssistant and Graphical Editing Framework features and click Next.

  6. Read carefully JasperAssistant license agreement and choose "I accept the terms of license agreement" to accept it.

  7. On the next page select the install location (the default location is recommended) and click Finish to start the plug-in installation. Accept the IDE restart at the end.