2.4. Enabling the Plug-in

If JasperAssistant plug-in does not appear to be accessible after the installation, then the plug-in may require to be enabled manually:

From the menu, select Help->Software Updates->Manage Configuration. In the Product Configuration Dialog, first make sure that Show Disabled Features is toggled to ON in the toolbar.

Now drill down in the Eclipse Platform tree view. Both the Graphical Editing Framework (GEF) and JasperAssistant need to be present (if not, they are not installed) and enabled.

Under Eclipse 3.0 it is possible that after this action the plug-in is still not accessible. In this case, simply delete the configuration folder under the Eclipse installation directory and restart the IDE. Note that this is a safe operation that does not affect any important configuration data. Alternatively, you can start Eclipse using the following command line:

eclipse -clean