Chapter 5. User Interface

The following screenshot of JasperAssistant presents the main parts of the designer's visual interface:

Figure 5.1. Main parts of the user interface.

Main parts of the user interface.

5.1. Design Editor

Design Editor window is the central part of the designer's user interface. Report layout can be edited within this window and then previewed using the Preview Viewer (Section 5.4, “Preview Viewer”). For reports that contain Crosstab objects, additional editor tabs are available in the top part of the editor. These tabs allow to edit the layout of each Crosstab object in a dedicated crosstab design editor.

The report layout is presented as a stack of report bands. Each band can contain report objects that are added by using the Palette View (Section 5.3, “Palette”). A band can be resized by dragging its handle (blue dashed line) located at band's bottom.

The crosstab layout is presented as a matrix of crosstab cells. Each cell on its turn can contain report objects, just like report bands. A cell can be resized by dragging its handles located at cell's bottom and right.

A report object can be selected by clicking inside its bounding box. Multiple objects can be selected by dragging the selection outline rectangle or using the Ctrl-click combination. There are two types of selection:

  1. Primary Selection

  2. And secondary selection

Some of the align actions, performed on multiple objects, use the primary selected object as a reference object relative to which the action is performed. For example the Align Left Margins action will align the selected objects to the left side of the primary selected object.

Report object can be resized by dragging the handles of the selection box. Dragging the object changes its position.

Image, Text Field and Static Text objects can be double-clicked to invoke the expression or text editor dialog.

Right-clicking a report object invokes its context menu. For more information see Section 5.11, “Menus”.

To simplify the creation of report layout, grid and snap to grid functions can be activated (Section 5.11, “Menus”).