5.7. Problems View

Problems View displays a list of errors and warnings produced by report compilation.

Every error or warning provides a short description of the problem that helps you in identification of the its cause. By clicking on a problem item in the Problems View, the report object that has produced the problem is automatically selected and focused.

After the plug-in installation, under certain conditions, JasperAssistant's errors are not enabled and do not appear in the Problems View. In this case errors need to be enabled manually in the Filters dialog which is accessible from the view's menu. Ensure that the JasperAssistant Problem item is checked as in Figure 5.3, “Enabling report compilation problems”.

Figure 5.2. Opening the filters dialog

Opening the filters dialog

Figure 5.3. Enabling report compilation problems

Enabling report compilation problems


If closed, the Problems View can be opened from the main menu:

Window->Show View->Problems