5.11. Menus

JasperAssistant contributes with a number of menu items to the IDE's menu. Most of the items represent either the standard IDE operations or mirror the actions available in toolbar. For more information on toolbar action see Section 5.10, “Toolbars”. This section describes the remaining menu items that are not part of the categories above mentioned.

Table 5.4. View Menu

Show RulersToggle the rulers visibility
Snap To GuidesToggle the snap to guide behavior
Show Page MarginsToggle the page margins visibility
Show GridToggle the grid visibility
Snap To GridToggle the snap to grid behavior
Grid Size...Invoke the grid size configuration dialog

JasperAssistant also provides a context menu for every report element. The context menu can be invoked by right-clicking either in Outline View or Design Editor.

Table 5.5. Context Menu

Add Band sub-menuReport, GroupAdd a band to the report
Add TemplateTemplatesAdd a template to the report
Add StyleStylesAdd a style to the report
Add FontFontsAdd a font to the report
Add ParameterParametersAdd a parameter to the report
Add FieldFieldsAdd a field to the report
Add VariableVariablesAdd a variable to the report
Add GroupGroupsAdd a group to the report
Add Element GroupBand, Element GroupAdd a element group to the report
GroupReport Element, Element GroupGroup report objects by placing them in an element group
UngroupElement GroupUngroup report objects by removing them from the element group
Add ParameterSubreport/ParametersAdd a subreport parameter
Import Parameters...Subreport, Subreport/ParametersImport subreport parameters from a report template
Add Return ValueSubreport/ReturnValuesAdd a subreport return value
Add Category SeriesChart/Category DatasetAdd a category series to the chart's dataset
Add XY SeriesChart/XY DatasetAdd an XY series to the chart's dataset
Add XYZ SeriesChart/XYZ DatasetAdd an XYZ series to the chart's dataset
Add TimePeriod SeriesChart/TimePeriod DatasetAdd a time period series to the chart's dataset
Add Time SeriesChart/TimeSeries DatasetAdd a time series to the chart's dataset
Change Chart Type...ChartChange the chart/dataset type of the chart
Add Meter IntervalChart/Meter IntervalsAdd a meter interval to a meter type chart
Add AxisChart/AxesAdd an axis to a multi-axis type chart
Format Field...TextFieldSpecify the display format for a text field
Convert To Text FieldStaticTextConvert a StaticText object to a TextField object
Page SettingsReportConfigure page settings such as size, margins and columns using a dedicated dialog