5.12. Key Bindings

Table 5.6. Key Bindings

Ctrl+ZUndo changes
Ctrl+YRedo changes
Ctrl+SSave changes
Ctrl+CCopy to clipboard
Ctrl+XCut to clipboard
Ctrl+VPaste from clipboard
DeleteDelete selected objects
. and >Switch to the resize/move mode. Pressing the key repeatedly switches to different modes indicated by cursor change. Once the desired mode is selected, arrow keys can be used to resize/move the element.
EscapeExit the resize/move mode
Ctrl+SpaceSelect or unselect an element
ArrowsChange selection to the next sibling element
Shift+ArrowsExtend selection to the next sibling element
Ctrl+ArrowsMove selected elements pixel by pixel (nudge)
Ctrl+Shift+ArrowsResize selected elements pixel by pixel (nudge size)
Ctrl+Element DragDuplicate the dragged selection
Ctrl+Element ResizeHolding down the Ctrl key while resizing will cause a resize to happen in the opposite direction of the drag as well, so that the center of the element being resized will not change after the resize is done.
Alt+Element DragDisable the Snap To Grid behavior for the duration of the drag.
Shift+Element DragHolding down the Shift key while moving an element will restrict that element's movement to one of the primary eight directions (N, S, E, W and the intermediaries). Doing the same while resizing will cause a proportional resize: the height to width ratio will be maintained.
Space+DragMoving the mouse while holding down spacebar and left mouse button will pan the report page. This is a more handy alternative to the use of scrollbars.
Ctrl+Shift+F10Invoke the Report Export wizard.
Ctrl+BToggle bold style for selected text objects.
Ctrl+IToggle italic style for selected text objects.
Ctrl+UToggle underline style for selected text objects.
Ctrl+TToggle strike-through style for selected text objects.

JasperAssistant provides the possibility to define keyboard shortcuts for any of its actions. This way frequent operations, such as alignment, text style modification and others, can be performed by simply invoking a previously defined key combination. Shortcuts are defined through the standard Eclipse key bindings preference page available at Window->Preferences->Workbench->Keys. There, actions provided by JasperAssistant are grouped under several categories using the "JasperAssistant" prefix for their names.