Customer Testimonials

JasperAssistant is one of those products that is a true delight to use. It is extremely well engineered and thought out, and is the perfect companion to JasperReports. I recommend it without reservation.

Mike Robinson, Software Designer,

Although we also have Brio and Crystal in-house, JasperAssistant and Jasper Reports are far more cost effective. Some of our developers even say that Jasper is more powerful thanks to it's tight integration with Java. My hat's off to the JasperAssistant team. Great product, outstanding support!

Anonymous User

JasperAssistant along with JasperReports is one the best reporting tools we could find. JasperReports is an open-source reporting library which is very powerful. When JasperReports is paired up with JasperAssistant it turns into a very easy to use tool, with a nice GUI. This reporting library can be put on a website and dynamically generate reports in PDF, XML, HTML, and some other formats. I have been using this reporting tool for about 6 weeks now, and came up with some questions. The support team for JasperAssistant is fast, and to the point with their answers. I highly recommend this tool, Well worth the buy.

Josh Wegener (Developer - Programmer - Java - C++ - Web Designer)

I tested several GUI's to help build the reports instead of editing them strictly in their native XML. JasperAssistant was found to be the best of all of them, and integrates seamlessly with Eclipse. If you are an Eclipse fan as I am, then you'll love using JasperAssistant. It even allows you to preview the report against your database right in Eclipse.

Brian N. Burridge